Innovator, Visionary, Entrepreneur.

I'm an incoming freshman at Stanford University, planning to study Computer Science and Chemical Engineering. I am a relentless learner and have taught myself topics ranging from organic chemistry to machine learning, and show no signs of stopping. I am currently looking for opportunities that can help further my understanding of and expertise in my passions.



A seasoned researcher with experience in both wet-lab and computational settings, I have touched on electrochemistry, biochemistry, and computational molecular biology in my projects. Familiar with a variety of statistical and laboratory procedures.


Am committed to finding solutions to the energy storage conundrum. Have developed a novel method of biodiesel production using winery waste and engineered a membrane for redox flow batteries with superior cost-efficiency. Am passionate about "distributed energy" and the equitable rollout of new technologies in developing countries. Watch my Ted Talk on energy independence for more about my ideas and experience.

Computer Science

Very interested in artificial intelligence and the applications of machine learning to the natural sciences. Currently working on a deep learning approach to predict alternative polyadenylation from isoform expression data. Well versed in Java, C++, and Python (Keras, Tensorflow, SciPy).